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Titanium alloy fasteners have great potential for development in space applications
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      Titanium alloy fasteners are widely used in aircraft according to the "China Machinery Fasteners Market Analysis and Investment Value Research Report 2011". According to the data, about 200,000 titanium alloy fasteners are needed for each domestic C919 aircraft, and 20 million titanium alloy fasteners are needed to complete the first 100 start-up orders. According to the planned annual output of 150 large aircraft in 2018, 30 million Titanium alloy fasteners are required annually. Titanium alloy fasteners have great potential for development and good market prospects.
      In recent years, with the rapid development of China's aerospace industry, the demand for aerospace fasteners has increased dramatically. In addition, great progress has been made in the manufacture of large aircraft in China. Although it is still some time before the first flight in 2014, 100 start-up orders have been obtained at the air show at the end of 2010. To complete these orders, the demand for titanium alloy fasteners is huge, and the market prospect of titanium alloy fasteners is very promising. Machinery industry analysts pointed out that China is a big fastener producer, the output ranks first in the world for many years, but China is not a strong fastener producer. Fasteners produced in China are mostly low-end, low value-added products, aviation fasteners

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