Baoji First Titanium Industry(Group) Co., Ltd..​​
Baoji First Titanium Industry (Group) Co.,Ltd Ltd.)

         Baoji First  Titanium Industry (Group) Co., Ltd was established in 2006, is a state-recognized high-tech enterprise, located at NO. 218 Hi-Tech Road, Hi-Tech Distict, with its own land use right area of 66 mu and registered capital of 80 million yuan. 

        An investment of 300 million yuan has been invested to build a production line for melting, forging and machining non-ferrous metals such as titanium and titanium alloys, with an annual capacity of 2,000 tons of melting and casting, 30,000 tons of forging and 6,000 tons of machined titanium. 

        Can produce titanium, titanium products, titanium equipment more than 50 kinds of titanium and titanium alloy products, mainly: ingots, bars, blocks, discs, rings, tubes, plates, wire, special-shaped forgings, standard parts and tungsten, molybdenum, zirconium, niobium, nickel, tantalum, hafnium and other rare metal products. 

        The company has a strong technical research and development force, Has from the new product design, research and development, to melting, forging, rolling, machine, product finishing, physical and chemical inspection analysis, non-destructive testing, measurement control and other complete, systematic rare metal processing production, scientific research system. 

The 3-ton vacuum self-consuming arc furnace jointly developed by the company and the relevant scientific research institutes has filled the gap in China's private titanium processing enterprises. 

The equipment adopts German Siemens full computer control system, high precision electronic weighing system, remote camera observation system, important process parameter storage and printing system, and can be operated over a long distance under the video of the control room. 

        The full automation of the smelting process is realized, so that the yield of titanium ingot is high and the chemical composition is uniform and unsegregated. 

Enterprise culture. 

        The 2000 ton free forging oil press is the first advanced equipment developed and manufactured by the company, scientific research institutions and manufacturers according to the processing characteristics of titanium alloy in China. 

        The equipment weighs more than 300 tons, the forging frequency reaches once per second, and the billet can be forged 10 tons of titanium ingot, which changes the backward production process of forging with forging hammer in China's private titanium processing enterprises, and changes the organization structure of the product from the inside. 

The physical properties of the product are improved. 3500 tons free forging oil press is an advanced equipment with industry leading level developed by our company according to the technical accumulation of 2000 tons free forging oil press and scientific research unit. 

         The equipment adopts automatic upgrading of forging pressure, special multi-stage pressure relief valve and rapid pressure relief, which eliminates the pressure relief impact under large flow, provides a technical guarantee for the realization of fast forging, and makes a breakthrough in the linkage between oil press and manipulator. 

20 tons of titanium ingots can be forged at one time. 

         The company has passed and implemented ISO9001 quality system certification, AS9100 aerospace system certification, GJB9001 military system certification and PED pressure equipment certification. All production equipment and physical and chemical testing equipment are excellent and reliable, mature and advanced technology, and product quality is qualified and stable. 

Fully meet the GB/T (national standard), GJB (national military standard), ISO (International Organization for Standardization Standard), HB (navigation mark), ASTM (American standard), AMS (American navigation mark), MIL (American standard), Γ OC Γ (Russian standard), JIS (Japanese standard), 

DIN (German Standard) and other standards and the demand for titanium in aviation, aerospace, navigation, military, medical, chemical and other industries and the international market, 

The products are exported to the United States, Britain, Russia, Germany, Italy, Japan and other developed countries, with an annual output value of more than 800 million yuan.