Baoji First Titanium Industry(Group) Co., Ltd..​​

Enterprise Purpose: Create prosperity for society, create value for customers, create benefits for  companies and create prospects for employees

Business Idea: Inclusive Business Culture Innovation Business Idea Core Product Technology Conservative Financial System

Organizational Construction: Building Learning Enterprises and Building Harmonious and Excellent  Teams

Guiding Idea: Goals Change All Wisdom Change All Behavior Change All ThingsInnovation changes everything, speed changes everything, mentality changes everything

Strategic Goal: Create International Brand and Build Centennial Enterprise

Value Idea: To shine on others, one must light oneself. To embody value, one must dare to dedicate  oneself.

Development Motivation: Satisfying the Never-ending Value Pursuit with Strong Desire and Challenging the Intense Market Competition with Scientific Development Concept

Humanistic Spirit: Challenging Self-Pursuing Excellence, Surpassing Self-Creating Value and Striving for the  Beneficial Cause of Human Beings

Management objectives: people do their best to make the best use of their talents, money, value and ability

Management Policy: Standardization, Timeliness and Effectiveness

Quality Policy: Leading Technology, Quality Assurance, Perfect and Reliable Customer SatisfactionWork Style: Speak Honesty, Tell the Truth and Do Practical Work

Corporate Culture: Fujitsu's Quality - the Fundamental of Success

Dazhi: erudite, energetic and diligent

Dayong: fearless innovation and enterprising

Dade: loyalty, filial piety, righteousness, courtesy and honesty

Core Competence: Emphasizing Talents, Technology and Values