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Expansion of Titanium Demand for Aircraft
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     The annual capacity of Japan's two giant sponge titanium companies, Osaka Titanium Technology Co. and Tobon Titanium Co., is expected to reach 68,800 tons by the end of March 2011, an increase of 20% over the previous year. Sponge titanium obtained by smelting ilmenite is melted and formed into titanium ingots, and then alloys are made for various parts and machines of jet engines, power plants, petroleum and chemical plants.

      At present, the demand for titanium for new aircraft and other worldwide applications is likely to increase in the future, so the two giants are eager to increase production capacity.

      This year, Osaka Titanium Technology Co. restarted the third step of the production increase plan of Nizaki Branch (Nizaki City, Hyogo County), which had frozen the sponge titanium plant for two years. The annual production capacity increased from 37,000 tons to 40,000 tons. The new equipment was originally scheduled to be put into operation by the end of March 2012, but due to the earlier construction period, it will be put into operation by the end of December this year
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