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Baoji High-tech Zone's titanium production capacity ranks first in the country
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       Baoji High-tech Zone takes the development of new material industry as the lead, adjusts and optimizes industrial structure, and promotes the transformation of economic development mode. At present, it has formed a high-tech industrial cluster dominated by new titanium and titanium alloy materials, and has become the largest titanium industry and new material base in China. Its titanium processing equipment, technology level and production capacity are all equal. Leap to the first place in the country.

       Since last year, Baoji High-tech Zone has actively seized the favorable opportunities for the state and provinces to adjust industrial structure and promote industrial upgrading. With the goal of "high-tech traditional industries and high-tech industries clustering", Baoji High-tech Zone has made great efforts to build regional characteristic industrial clusters and product systems, and vigorously promoted the titanium industry with Baoti Group as the leader. Potential breakthrough. On the basis of careful investigation, this paper puts forward the vertical industrial chain of "Sponge Titanium-Titanium Ingot-Titanium Processing Material-Titanium Alloy Material-Titanium Composite Material-Titanium Deep Processing Products" and the horizontal service chain of "Technology Research and Development, Technology Transfer, Professional Incubation, Titanium Material Trading, Other Social Intermediary Services" to form an industry. The development pattern of Baoji High-tech Zone has made Baoji a real China Titanium Valley with 43 projects with a total investment of 18.9 billion yuan. Baoji City has specially planned the land for the development of titanium industry, and has planned an industrial park with a total investment of 4 billion yuan involving 16 projects for Baoti Group. In June last year, Taiwan Huaxin Lihua Co., Ltd.'s "Special Steel Medium and Heavy Plate Production Project" invested 200 million yuan was built and put into production in Baoji High-tech Zone. After production, it can produce about 6-100,000 tons of medium and heavy plate annually, with annual operating income of 2.32 billion yuan and profit and tax of 250 million yuan, making it the largest medium and heavy plate production base in China. With a total investment of 2.6 billion yuan, the national research and development and testing center of Nuclear-Grade zirconium and the production line of Nuclear-Grade zirconium started in Baoji High-tech Zone, which will fill the gaps in the production of Nuclear-Grade zirconium in China.

        At present, 22 key new material projects under construction in Baoji High-tech Zone have completed an investment of 5.2 billion yuan. More than 400 scientific research, production, processing, trade and circulation enterprises have been gathered in the base, of which more than 50 are recognized as high-tech enterprises in the titanium field. The annual total output value and sales revenue of titanium industry in Baoji High-tech Zone exceed 12 billion yuan. Baoji High-tech Zone has rapidly grown into a base for processing, marketing and R&D of rare metal processing materials, such as tungsten, molybdenum, tantalum, niobium, zirconium and hafnium, with titanium as the dominant factor in the world. It undertakes more than 90% of the production tasks of high-end titanium products in China.

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